Class Golem_Api_Theme_List


Class for accessing the list of theme categories via web interface.

Located in /Api/Theme/List.php (line 52)

Class Constant Summary
 URL = ''
Variable Summary
String $key
Array $themes
Method Summary
Golem_Api_Theme_List __construct (String $key)
Boolean fetch ([Array $curlOptions = array()])
Array getThemes ()
String $key = null (line 70)

Developer access key

  • access: protected
Array $themes = array() (line 64)

theme category data

  • access: protected
Constructor __construct (line 77)

Creates the Theme_List object

  • access: public
Golem_Api_Theme_List __construct (String $key)
  • String $key: your developer key
fetch (line 100)

Does the request to get the list of theme categories.

If the request was succesful, true will be returned, else an exception will be thrown.

The possible Exception code is Golem_Request::DATABASE.

After a successful request the theme category list is available from getThemes().

  • return: true, if request was successful
  • access: public
Boolean fetch ([Array $curlOptions = array()])
  • Array $curlOptions: optional options for cUrl
getThemes (line 130)

Returns the list of theme categories.

In the array, each entry represents a theme category record. The keys of record array are:

  • name - String - theme category name
  • shortname - String - short theme category name, used as identifier
  • url - String - URL to the theme category name

  • access: public
Array getThemes ()
Class Constants
URL = '' (line 58)

Base url of the webservice

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